Saturday, April 14, 2012

French Session | Hurdy Gurdy 120411

gaia's garden • santa rosa ca • 11 apr 2012

"We are a talented group of instrumentalists playing the traditional dance music of central France on unusual instruments, including the hurdy gurdy, button accordion, and French bagpipe, as well as the more familiar piano accordion, fiddle, pennywhistle and guitar."

This is delightful folk music from the villages in the center of France, and French villagers have danced to it for hundreds of years. You'll also probably hear some Parisian musette music, which some of us play.

We are a "session", which is not the same thing as a performing band. We don't know in advance what tunes we will play, and we don't rehearse together. Instead, we rely on our musicianship and knowledge of the genre to choose and play tunes on the fly. It's spontaneous, relaxed and participatory. (Talk to Mitch if you play an appropriate instrument and want to participate).

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Santa Rosa French Folk Music Session
We'll be playing at Gaia's Garden Restaurant, 7-9 PM, on the SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Please try their wonderful international vegetarian buffet while you listen to music you likely won't find elsewhere!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 World Press Photo Contest Winners

2012 World Press Photo of the Year: A woman holds a wounded relative during protests against President Saleh in Sanaa, Yemen, Oct. 15, 2011. (Samuel Aranda/The New York Times)

By the numbers: 5,247 Photographers, 124 Nationalities, 101, 254 pictures. Three hundred and fifty images by 57 photographers of 24 nationalities were awarded prizes in nine categories. To view the entire collection of winning images from the 55th World Press Photo Contest: 2012 World Press Photo. -- Paula Nelson -2012 World Press Photo Contest Winners - The Big Picture -

2012 World Press Photo Contest Winners
View the entire collection of winning images from the 55th World Press Photo Contest. The winners were selected from over 100,000 images submitted to the contest.